Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from Dave Kurlan - author of Baseline Selling
    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Scheduling Meetings by Phone
    • Where are We?
    • Cold Call with Perfect Introduction, Positioning Statement, and Discussion
    • About the Next Video
    • Introductory Video to Scheduling More Meetings by Phone
    • How to Improve Your First Calls to Schedule New Meetings
    • About the Next Video
    • Tweaking the First Call
    • Handling Put-Offs
    • Setting Expectations for the 1st Call or Meeting
    • How to More Effectively Handle the Prospect Initiated Request for Pricing
    • 1st Base Quiz
  • 3
    Getting to 2nd Base
    • Where are We?
    • About the Videos in this Chapter
    • Uncovering a Compelling Reason to Buy
    • Request for RFQ - Improving Your Listening and Questioning Skills
    • "Just Seeing What Else is Available"
    • Taking Advantage of SOB Moments
    • Using the Correct Words to Create Urgency
    • Creating Urgency
    • Monetizing the Problem
    • Achieving Three 2nd Base Milestones Simultaneously
    • Key Questions about Timeline to Shorten Your Sales Cycle
    • 2nd Base Quiz
  • 4
    Getting to 3rd Base
    • Where are We?
    • Will the Prospect Pay More?
    • Getting Them to Pay More When They Only Care about Price
    • Getting to the Decision Maker When You Can't
    • What to Say When They Just Want a Quote or Proposal
    • How to Avoid Happy Ears on Budget and Interest
    • 3rd Base Quiz
  • 5
    • Where are We?
    • Getting the Parameters Correct
    • What to Do When You Get Sent Down, Built Consensus, and Then Can't Close the Decision Maker
  • 6
    Other Advanced Sales Training Lessons
    • How to Get Influencers to Influence When They Appear to be Ambivalent
    • Prospect Went Silent After Learning about Problems During the First Meeting
    • Authenticity and Selling Value
    • How to Get a Prospect Who Won't Share to Share
    • How to Build ROI
    • Prospect Wants to Wait - Not Ready Yet
    • Unable to Get a Decision Despite the Urgency
    • Moving Past Objections